Regina Doseth is one of the brightest and most professional Lithuanian felt masters, disclosing in a new way the archaic, spongy spirit of felt.

In the Lithuanian fashion context designer R. Doseth is emerging as a creator of alternative style, seeking to promote aesthetics and functionality of felt.

R. Doseth learned her creative skills – felting art techniques and design – during her traineeship in Norway, Denmark, and England.

2001 – R. Doseth founded the first workshop.

2006 – opened the first felt house in the Baltic States, in Klaipėda and Vilnius.

2008 – founded a felt creative studio in Klaipėda. The master offers classes, seminars about the art of felting for those who want to learn the subtleties of felting.

R. Doseth a member of the International Feltmakers Association. Since 2010, she is a member of Folk Artist Association.

R. Doseth has organized the following exhibitions of works:

2006. “Winter Rainbow” (Klaipėda), “Meadow Corals” (Vilnius).


2008 – Presentation of a collection of felt hats to Vilnius public, “Evening Queen, The Bonnet.”

2009 – R. Doseth exhibited her first collection of clothing “Marine Colors”. The collection was presented by famous Lithuanian entertainers and public figures.

2010 – Summer clothing collection “In the Wind” was presented during the largest event organised in Klaipėda, Klaipėda Sea Festival.